Betfair total volume

betfair total volume

Ставки догоном в рынках Тотал Больше/меньше на BetFair Select country, sport and enter market parameters like volume, time to start, etc. bfexplorer betfair trading software - Community Blog. For a selection: With matched bets, how can I get the total stake and averaged odds for both back. Ultimate service to scan volumes and total matched amount on events. You will get Email notifications with filters that you set. Betfair Exchange Scanners shows.

Betfair total volume

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But while markets and trading strategies do change throughout the seasons, certain factors stay just as important all year round. One of those factors that almost all professional traders pay close attention to is the amount of volume matched in a market and on each selection. This is a key indicator as to how popular the market is and how much money has been traded so far. This figure will naturally vary depending on the quality of racing. For example, evening racing at Kempton is usually going to have much less volume matched than a Saturday afternoon at Cheltenham.

However, volume matched is just as important in any other sport or market type. The most profitable Betfair trading relies on the numbers. Volume matched is one of the most simple figures to understand in trading.

There are no fancy calculations involved here! It is simply the amount of money that has been matched on the Exchange in any particular market. This is just because nobody has had a chance to place any bets yet. Now, both of our bets have been matched. Some more popular races can reach millions. Volume is arguably the most important figure in any market. It shows how much activity there has already been in any market which is incredibly helpful to know when trading.

This is because the market has tested certain price points and as long as nothing changes horse gets loose, starts to limp etc , the prices are more likely to float around a similar point. You can also make a fair assumption that in a market with little traded volume, you are less likely to get matched than in a market with lots of traded volume. This is also true for markets that have a lot of money available, although the two usually go hand in hand.

Although past price action is never a clear indicator of future movements , it can help you understand the market a little better. For example, if you can see a lot of money has been matched at and above 8. In markets where little to no volume has been matched, it would be very difficult, if not impossible to view in the same way. It may help to think of it a bit like a survey. The market is asking "what price do you want to pay for this horse".

One answer may be "odds of 2. When you pair the increase in volume with movement in price, you can see momentum building in the market. You should be presented with a window with both a graph and a table. Open up the window for your chosen event and we will go over the various important components and explain what you are looking at.

The table on the right shows current prices and total amounts available for each price, for both backing and laying. This data is all for betting on Everton, but you can change which outcome you are viewing with the drop-down menu. Price is plotted as a red line on a Betfair chart. Prices are displayed in decimal format.

Put simply, this is just a plot of how the price of odds have changed over time. In this example, we can see that odds started at around 2. The grey bars at the bottom of the graph show bet volume size over time. Again, this is just for bets that have actually been matched on the Exchange.

There are also a few details above the chart, such as the total amount of money that has been matched so far for this event, as well as the most recent odds for which a bet was matched. The table to the right of the graph shows you how much money there is available to stake at various odds. In this example, we can see that if we wanted to back West Ham to win at odds of 3.

If we wanted to stake higher than this, we would have to take the lower price of 3. It is important to note that the charts are not live. The information displayed is usually delayed by at least 10 minutes. Please remember that although we can pick out definite patterns in historical data, the charts still only shows us information from the past. There are plenty of other factors that you should also look at when considering your trades. As with any of these factors, no one factor alone should be used to, and instead, you should always use a combination of techniques to help you place your bets.

The simplest way to use these charts would be to look for an overall trend in the price of specific odds. If you can see that odds are moving in a certain direction, it would make sense to predict that it would continue to move in that direction. This is the most basic analysis and tends to fail fairly frequently. As you can see in our previous example, the odds for Everton started off rising, but the trend overall was to fall from the initial price.

We can start to see data as quickly as just 10 minutes after a market opens. However, this does not mean we should immediately look at the trending direction and assume this will be the only direction that the odds will move. Betting on an event early is a high-risk move. Unless it is a huge event where many people are placing big wagers, there usually will be very low liquidity early on. Therefore it is usually a safe move to wait it out a little for the market to become more liquid. Easy things to look out for are support and resistance points.

These are price points at which the price movement tends to vary between. It is usually the crossover between backers and layers, where both can see value. An example would be a horse with odds of 5. The odds for this horse might fluctuate between 5.

If a backer places a bet at 5. At this price, a layer may see value, causing the price to rise back up to 5. There is a trading opportunity here for scalping the market. If you can see a clear fluctuation between two distinct price points, you can choose to buy at the lower price and sell at a higher price, making yourself a quick profit. You can practice this technique for free, simply by watching the charts as they fluctuate before and even during a race.

Most markets will pick up about 15 minutes before a race kicks off as bookmakers start laying off their positions. Try and identify support and resistance points, and see if you can see the trading corridor for each horse in the race.

The placing of larger wagers larger than the average fluctuating wagers will cause the price to shift dramatically. After this happens, a new equilibrium will be found as traders adjust to the new price point. There is an opportunity here if we can predict which way the breakout will move.

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Under 2.5 Goals Strategy - EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW

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